Thursday, April 21, 2011

three things thursday

this is my first edition of three things thursday.

SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD!- i spent the weekend in boston and i can't quite put into words how much fun i had. i met up with some super sweet blogger peeps and we took over boston. rest assured, ill have a few recaps to post in the next few days. but really, the most important detail is that sam ran a 2:57:53 on monday.

 dear coworkers, no i did not run the boston marathon on monday. infact, i've yet to ever run a marathon. the reason i am walking all hunched over and i have the look of death on my face all day is because my leg is killing me. since saturday night i've had the worst leg pains from my herniated disc. you see, the disc is rubbing against the nerve that runs straight down my leg all the way to my feet. i have good moments and bad moments. the good moments come when i am standing and the bad moments come...the rest of the day. after getting the run around at the doctors office yesterday, i was able to move up my follow up apointment from may 4 to today. it's real hard to get excited about running my first marathon when i can hardly walk. i'll get there though. i know it.

mlb park update: i'm almost 100% i've got this summers stadiums lined up. for a while i have been stalking christy and finally met her in boston. she is also going to visit every mlb park and is a gianormous mets fan. she offered to take me to citi field this summer so we can cross that off our list. i firmly believe it's much better to visit a ballpark when you are with a true fan of that stadium (which i why i had ooohhh so much fun with ally and sam at fenway. im pretty sure ally had never heard sweet caroline sung like danielle and i sung it that day). if ya'll (i know, im from maine, but i reallllly like saying ya'll and so deal with it) have a stadium that you want to bring me to, let me know! ruddley, T and i are also going to ohio in july for a indians game. any indians fans out there?!?

shabby ally, danielle and i rockin' niketown
so thats it for today. ill be back with a boston recap....or 10.

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