Friday, April 22, 2011

boston awesomeness part 1...

i felt like boston 2011 was never going to come. i think i may have been the most excited person for boston, the only one with a boston countdown who wasn't actually running boston. i was excited to finally meet up with runners that i had been, following over the last year. i followed their training, was real excited when the BQ'd, prayed they made it through the registration madness, and then made plans to meet up in beantown. i think it's fair to say, my weekend was packed with awesomeness.

danielle and i headed south saturday morning. we had plans to go straight to the expo to pick up our 5k stuff and try not to spend lots of money! despite the red sox traffic we made it to town pretty quickly. we wasted no time and met morgan, katie and lauren as they were leaving the expo. we then waited for sam and headed in.

wooooah. it was huge and overwhelming. i was pretty excited to finally meet dave and his family. he is wicked awesome and we would later harass (fun fact: harass is sarah spelled backwards with an extra s, thats me!) him at the red sox game. it was also pretty cool to listen to sam, his speedy friend justin and some others talk about their training plans etc. we are all runnners, but they run in a whoooooole different world then i do. in fact i spent a lot of the weekend listening about running. i learned a lot!

danielle, dave, sam and i
After browsing the expo for a while danielle and i headed to the first of many blogger meet ups. i met the awesome and super speedy susan there. we are trying to convince her to come run maine marathon...she wants a 3:10. i won a 100.00 gift card to city sports and danielle won a super sweet pair of running shoes. overall win! sam, susan, danielle and i headed to our next meet up, happy hour at champions.

we hadn't been there 2 minutes when i heard a high pitched scream coming at us. you know, the kind you might hear if you were with a bunch of middle school girls at a justin bieber concert. i turn around and there was the shabby princess! i had never met ally before but there was no awkward "hi, my name is ally. hi, i'm sarah. now should we shake hands or hug?" moment. she gave me the biggest texas sized hug that a tiny girl can give.

some good looking bloggers

i was too caught up in meeting all kinds of awesome people like luau and doug to realize what was going on. i heard some rumor that the bar had no idea there were 50 bloggers waiting to drink and there wasn't room for us. we decided to split up and we all went our own ways. not really sure how it happened but ally, danielle sam and i ended up eating at bowling alley inside a parking garage. later on sam's brother and friend showed up. we spent a long time sharing some funny stories before calling it a night and heading back to the apartment we were calling home for the weekend. it didn't take long to fall asleep.

i woke up sunday not sure if i wanted to walk the 5k or not. i went back and forth but my leg was not feeling so hot so i decided to spectate with morgan and spike instead. a decision i am very happy i made. if you ever get the chance to spectate a race with spike, i highly recommend it. he's got some fantastic one liners...but that's a whole separate post.

danielle in the grey operation jack shirt

ally and i before the 5k

after the race we made our way to city sports so i could use that 100.00 gift card. i spent forever browsing the store to spend my money. i finally picked out what i wanted (they have some sweeeet running shorts there!) and went to the counter to check out. I opened up the gift card to find that there was noooo card inside. just a managers card. the lady looked at me like i was trying to pull some scam. long story short, the manager has to send me the card in the mail. bogus.

after my major fail at city sports we were staaarrrrving and headed to our last bloggy meet up of the day. damn its hard to be so loved:) we had an awesome brunch and it was nice to sit down and chat with these crazy runners.

bloggy chicas and spike

so that's it for round 1 of boston madness. next up...fenway park, almost taking the T to CT, spiked water and niketown. you know you wanna come back for more! happy friday!

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