Monday, July 5, 2010

I super suck at keeping up....oops!

i know, i know. i super suck at blogging these days. but really...i don't feel like i have much to write about. my life is super boring and I'm just waiting for this baby to pop. i could write about the last few weeks of my pregnancy but i am afraid i would send you into a deep depression with how bad it has sucked. i'm tired, hot, cranky, emotional, my feet are the size of footballs (no really, it's true), my house is under construction (why wouldn't it be!? ugh.), and i have long since stopped caring how much weight i gain or how long its going to take me to get back to my tiny self. so, to deal with all of the above...i eat. i eat ice cream pretty much everyday (it's summer and its hot, cut me some slack) and yesterday i think i gained a few new stretch marks with the amount of food i had.

however, life is not all that bad. my husband has been SUPER supportive me of me. he wants to make sure i get all the rest i can and tries to put up with my emotional state as best he can. and since he is doing all of the house construction himself with some help from our neighbor mark, he doesn't get too mad when i cry and say it needs to all be done NOW. some very great things have happened in the last few weeks so i thought i would share...

very great thing #1: my very, very, very good friend danielle threw me a surprise baby shower with people from job #2. i wasn't expecting it and it was sooo nice to get together with everyone again. it's been a while since we have all hung out together. tough economy has forced some of them to be without a job, and others to move on to a different, more stable job. i was completely surprised and happy. i lost my camera (add that to the list of things annoying me) and so i don't have any pictures of it, but it was a blast and danielle is pretty much the best. because while i am not going to spare you with the details of my shitty pregnancy....danielle has gotten EVERY detail and i think i have convinced her to not have a baby...ever:-)

very great thing #2: this almost ruined very great thing #1, but life has a funny way of making sure everything turns out the way it is supposed to. my friend jim runs a ropes course at a local summer camp and last fall i was telling him about zach and how he loved doing the ropes course at summer camp and was quite good at it. jim verrrry kindly offered to zach take up on the ropes course he runs and we were finally able to make that happen later on that day. zach has no fear and was a champ out on the course. my mom loved seeing him be so successful. its a rare opportunity that we get to see zach accomplish something that some "normal" kids can't accomplish and he did it without any special equipment, or adaptations. he did it and completed it just the same as any other kid out there would have! go zach!

the sign of a great day!!!

very great thing #3: this should actually probably be very great thing #1 if i was posting them in the order that they happened....but oh well it will be #3. i was on nesn (new england sports network for those of you non new englanders). when ruddley and i got married we decided we wanted to visit every major league baseball park in the US over the course of our marriage. for the last 2 summers we have knocked a few off our list. so far fenway park (red sox, duh!), citizens bank park (phillies), yankee stadium (yankees), camden yards (orioles) and nationals park (nationals). this summer was camden yards and nationals park and it's also the trip that i lost my camera on..ugh! so pictures. BUT....when we were at camden yards we happened to be sitting right in line with the nesn camera. danielle was creepin' on me and stalking my every move like what i was drinking, eating, texting, or saying to ruddley. she took this picture off of her tv...yea, thats me waving to her while i am on the phone with her in the tank top::-)

very great thing #4: yesterday was the 4th of july (duh) and it also marked the one year anniversary of my very first road race ever! it was the ll bean 10k. for obvious reasons, i did not run it this year. however i couldn't let the race go by and not go and put my cheering hat on! i knew several people running and like i said, i have no life so really had nothing better to do :-) its a tough, hilly course and yesterday i was kinda glad i wasn't running. it was h.o.t out. even though the race started at 730, it was not fun. i was the camera lady and i must say i did a great job...again!! i met some new friends while i was waiting at the finish line. this guy and his 3 kids were waiting for their mom to finish. she had hoped for a sub 40 but ended up 42:xx i think. still not bad.

then i snapped this sweet picture of joan benoit samuelson finishing in 38:25 and was the womens winner. If you live under a rock, or are just not a runner and don't know who she is...she's a pretty big deal in the running world. stolen directly from danielle's post cause what i would have said it pretty much the same " joan was the 1983 boston marathon winner 2:22:43, 1984 winner of the first ever womens marathon in the los angeles olympics and founder of TDBank beach 2 beacon 10k. she also holds the course record for this race. shes pretty awesome." (well said danielle). i also read in a newspaper article today ( that she ran the last 4 miles of the race with her shoes untied because she didn't want to take time to stop and tie her shoe. samuelson was quoted saying "you'd think after all these years, i'd know how to tie my own shoes"

here is the post race picture from last years race...

and this years post race picture. see why i didnt run! 3 more weeks folks. 3. more. weeks! we were a little more festive this year i think.

very great thing#5: our friends/neighbors mark and christine also ran. after the race they invited me to spend the day with them and christine's family for the 4th of july since my husband was home working on the house. we went to a parade and bbq and i spent the day hanging out with their amazing kids.

here is kaden, about to turn 3. he had just run down a hill, singing all the way down and then took a massive face plant in the mud. probably one of the best things ive seen in a while. haha. he was not so happy.

very great thing #6: I WON SAM'S BET!!! yup that's right i guess he would run 3:24 in the grandma's marathon on june 19 and he went 3:22. closest to his time without betting too fast wins! after betting every week since the middle of april it's about time i won!!! i cant wait for my operation jack sweatshirt to come in the mail! also a little plug...operation jack is in the running to win 20,000 through chase community giving!! all you need to do is vote for operation jack just click here and vote! it take 30 seconds and he/i would really appreciate it.

so there you have it. 6 very great things that have happened in the last few weeks! i hope everyone had a wonderful, fun and safe 4th of july:-) hopefully next time i blog ill have a little munchkin to tell you all about.

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