Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's a BOY!

I'm halfway there!! I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and everything looked great and we found out we are having a little boy! Ruddley and I are sooo pumped. It's what we were hoping for. However, everyone in the world thought it was a girl and so we had prepared ourself for a girl so we didn't have that awkward "oh really? umm yay!" reaction when they told us! I had 4 dreams it was a girl so I was pretty sure. The last 2 nights before the ultrasound I had dreams it was a who knew! When the words "It's a boy! Look at that, it looks like a turtle, there is no mistaking that" came out we were so excited. No happy tears, but a big "whoo hoo" and a high five did the trick!

Speaking of tears...I've had my fair share of them the last ohh 2 months are so. I have been an absolute emotional wreck! I think that might even be an understatement...just ask Ruddley. I cry pretty much daily and usually for no reason. I think my biggest and most ridiculous break down was a few weeks ago when I was putting laundry away after a long day of work. Ruddley had just left for his soccer game and I was home alone. I got completely overwhelmed and frustrated and just started crying. I got into bed and ended up crying myself to sleep. Really? Wow. I spent the next several days wondering what I had gotten myself in to and telling myself this was the only kid we were going to have because I was NOT going through all of this again. I talked with several friends and co-workers who all assured me the end result is completely worth every tear, break down and moment of weakness. Danielle even bought me a sweet Valentines present that's hanging on my fridge!

A beautiful magnet that says "I'm Feeling Like..."

here are all my options to choose from...:-)

BUT...the good's been 4 days since I have cried!! Yup! Not one single, little tear! I am soo happy....maybe I've moved past the " don't look at me wrong or I'll cry" stage!

Just in the last 2 weeks I've really begun to feel him move. In fact, the last 2 nights there has been some kind of dance party going on in my belly. It's pretty cool! We are ready to get the nursery painted and filled with fun boy things!:-) We've opted away from the baseball theme in his room mostly because I won't allow any Yankee's decorations and he's not so hot on Red Sox. He has no idea I WILL be putting my Sox touch on the room!:-) I did remember last night that I got some sick Syracuse outfits for him when Sarah and I went on our road trip in December. I got them so that they would fit (hopefully) during March Madness 2011!!!:-) Our kid, boy or girl, was going to wear them...but they are much more appropriate for a boy...phew! We are still working on a name. I'd like to pick it soon "baby boy emerson" just doesn't do it for me.

So with a great day yesterday, I decided to end it with a trip to the gym! I've been doing a lot of bike riding there. It's starting to be a belly is getting in the way!! I have to literally sit straight up to bike, if I learn forward and rest my arms on the handles my legs bump into my belly. It's kind of comical actually....oh well!:-) I'll end this post with some pics from my ultrasound yesterday!

All 5 toes present and accounted for!:-)

3D of Baby Boy Emerson!:-)

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