Wednesday, January 19, 2011

blog makeover!

What girl doesn't love a good makeover!?? Oh heck ya. Thanks to erica sara my two blogs (Tales of a Running Mom & A New Adventure) have had a full new years makeover and I have added a third blog for your reading pleasure (Emerson Family MLB Park Tour) !:-) Erica is starting a new template design business in addition to her fantastic and amazing jewlery company.

When I finish the MDI Marathon I will be getting myself this gem
I want to get one of these with Ty's name and birthday on it
Clearly I need to add this beauty to my collection!

I can't remember if I stumbled on Erica's blog first, or found her through Twitter...either way she totally rocks! She is an amazing photographer hence this beautiful picture she took at our tweet up lunch at the Philadelphia Marathon. She gives me some sweet fashion advice since "Sarah" and "Fashion" are not words I would put together in the same sentence. She also blogs about some yummmmmy recipies. I'm dying to try her lemon blueberry muffins,  lemon hummus, and banana bread. She really is so sweet and I can't wait to go visit her! We are going to take Sampson and Oscar out for a run together, dress up and have a photo shoot and who knows what else:-) I really wish I lived in the city because we would be in Central Park every snowstorm sledding and then enjoying a cup of hot coco together (see I told you she rocks!).

Look around-- I'm blogging about my running, marathon training, life as a new mom, baby T stories, baseball parks and whatever else I feel like!:-) Stay tuned for stories, adventures and lots of FUN!

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