Wednesday, January 5, 2011

28 before 28

Holy crap! I'm old. ok, not really...but today is my birthday and im one year older. 27 BABY! What the hell? 27? What does that mean? I can already buy lotto tickets, drink, and rent a car. I'm not entering a new decade, joining a new age group or going over the hill. soooo what do i have to look forward to in my 28th year of life? a whole bunch of things actually!

my twitter/blogging friend erin has these lists. each year she comes up with things she wants to accomplish by her next birthday. so i stole this idea from her (dont worry, i already told her about it!). it also happens that my birthday is at the beginning of the new year so its a birthday list/new years resolution list. although i really don't like the term "new years resolution"...but whatever.

here goes. 28 things i want to do before my 28th birthday.

1. host a dinner party
2. dress up and have a photo shoot with erica miss america
3. blog more. a lot more.
4. go camping
5. spend more time with my family
6. visit 2 more baseball parks. we are going to each MLB park. 5 down 26 to go.
7. attempt nordic skiing (jamie if i hate this, it's your fault!)
8. get in the pool. start using swimming as a form of cross training
9. run the pineland 25k
10. meet some twitter peeps
11. build the train 4 autism maine chapter
12. try 3 new foods (im kinda scared about this one)
13. go for a hikes in acadia
14. have a girls night (no husbands! no babies!)
15. run the mdi marathon
16. stay up late having on the deck sitting by the fire making smores and chatting with friends
17. go to the top of mt. washington
18. take a polar bear plunge
19. get a tattoo
20. organize my closet
21. read a book (haha. yup, just one)
22. spend some time with old friends
23. get to the track and do some speed work
24. PR in a 10K.
25. pay off a credit card
26. take a day trip to peaks island
27. take a kettlebell class
28. *a secret to be revealed at a later date!*

So here's to another year- I have no doubt 27 is going to be a blast!


  1. Cool list Sarah, and happy birthday! Nordic skiing rocks! You'll love it.

  2. Hurray!!! LOVE the list, girl. Looks like 27 is gonna be a solid year for you... I'm especially excited about #4, 8, and 10 :)

  3. Weak cop-out on 28. I of course like 11. And 15. And 21 made me laugh. Have a great day and a great year!

  4. yay for entering into our 27s 10 days apart!!!! boo for you sharing the same bday as my ex. :p jk.

    Happy happy (belated) birthday! I hope 27 is great for you. :)


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