Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hardcore Holidays

Since the half I haven't done much running. I climbed back on the lazy train pretty fast. It was nice to get home from work and not feel like I HAD to go run. However, I wanted to get back to running, I planned to get hardcore and do some running over Thanksgiving. Danielle and I met up Thanksgiving morning for the 4 mile Turkey Trot around the Old Port.

I had never run this before....given the fact I had never run ANY race until this past June, that makes sence:-) All I knew was that it was a 2 mile loop full of hills that we ran twice. Sweet!

And because we ran the loop twice, it means we ran all those stupid hills twice...including this one. Bogus.

After the race I went home and enjoyed Thanksgiving with my amazing family, watched football, took a nap and watched Home Alone...twice:-) Danielle and I ventured back out for a Midnight Fun Run in Freeport. We really had no idea what we were in for...but since we are hardcore, we were up for anything. Turns out the run was chasing Santa on his red harley around Freeport. haha. They said it was a "1 mile run". Mmm not so much. Try like .5 miles. Oh well....we got a sweet LL Bean water bottle free for running....I'll take it. We went to some shops that opened at midnight and then headed home. To complete the hardcore weekend we got up and braved the mall for black friday shopping and then tonight will celebrate Danielles 29th Birthday!!! Woot Woot!:-)

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