Monday, January 2, 2012

Streak 100

When I got my tattoo, I became a lifetime member of Crow Athletics (getting a crow inked on your body gets you far in the running world!). At the end of December I got an email from them about Streak-100. Crow was offering members of the club a chance to participate in a friendly competition. Here are the rules...

STREAK-100 Decree: 
1. There is no entry fee to take on the STREAK-100 challenge.
2. The STREAK-100 will start at midnight on January 1st and conclude at 11:59PM on April 9th.
3. Official participants must be members of Crow Athletics in good standing during the entire 100 days of the challenge. (Thru April 9th.) 

STEAK-100 Scoring: 
"Honesty is the best policy." Please be honest about your daily running.
1. Official participants must run or walk one mile every day starting on January 1st and finishing on April 9th.
2. Participants may join the STREAK-100 after January 1, 2012 ONLY if they have run every day since January 1st.
3. All participants who complete the STREAK-100 will receive an award. Additional awards will go to the top male and female competitors with the highest mileage.
4. After the completion of the STREAK-100, competitors will be contacted by email. Please be honest. Competitors are encouraged to keep track of their mileage, but are not required to. (Note: Only participants who track their mileage will be eligible for mileage awards.)

I'm not a big sucker for running streaks as I'm a huge fan and believer in rest days. I'm not saying that running streaks are bad or people that do them are not smart runners but my body NEEDS time off and I like to respect that. However, when I saw that you can run OR walk I decided that I could probably do that and it's only for 100 days. So even on my rest days, I could get out and at least walk a mile. Then when I saw there were awards for everyone that completed the challenge I was totally in. I love free things :) I'm not going to attempt to have the highest mileage because I know some of the people running are big time runners and there is no way I could keep up with them and not get injured. This will be a nice way to keep me going for the rest of the winter though.

So I'm 2 days in. On the first day I ran.... one whole mile! Hey, it counts. Today I ran 5 miles which turned into the biggest pacing fail EVER! 9:06, 8:23, 8:44, 10:30 and 9:53. oooooops! I should add that I hit some serious wind on my way home.... but yea, that's no excuse. Sigh, lesson learned. I'd rather learn it now and not in the middle of a race.  I felt pretty good during those first 3 miles and I kept thinking what if I had a sub 8 average for 5 miles! I will be so happy!. I should know by now that every time I think something crazy like that I always end up crashing.

We'll see if I can make it until April 9.

Do you have a running streak?

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