Monday, December 19, 2011

oh, hello winter running!

As I'm sure most of you know we've had a crazy warm winter so far (and since I'm writing that I know we will be punched in the face with sub zero temps for the next month...It's just how things work). Once we get dumped with snow and the sidewalks are covered in ice I will no longer be running outside. You see, there is no law about having to shovel sidewalks (or maybe there is but it doesn't get followed) and so once winter hits my outside runs become much more dangerous. I am jumping snow banks, skidding across patches of black ice and spending more time concentrating on not breaking and ankle or getting hit by a car then I am on my running. Really, I'll use any excuse to not run outside in the winter if I can help it. Infact, I probably would have resorted to the gym several weeks ago buuuuuut I kinda canceled my gym membership when I was injured up this summer. I am waiting for the "Hey! It's the new year, everyone come to the gym and get fit for a month and then give up that resolution and start eating like crap and sitting on the couch all day" deal to hit Planet Fitness. If I sign up now it's 29 bucks and then 15/mo. If I can wait just one more week it will go down to a 1 dollar sign up and 10/mo. I WILL hold out!

Mother nature has been very kind to me though and provided me with 40-50 temps to run in after work. I really have no excuse to not run outside. Warm temps, clear sidewalks and a college track 3/10 mile from work. Last wednesday I had a great 8 mile run. I haven't done many long runs since MDI but focusing more on track workouts and tempo runs. I was eager to get a few long runs under my belt before the Mid Winter Classic 10 miler in February. I texted Danielle after my run and asked if she would be up for a 10 miler on Sunday. She agreed....until we discovered that it would not be 50 degrees....or even 40. Nope, in fact we were going to be running more miles then it was degrees outside. Sweet, whos idea was this!?

We were lucky enough that the temps reached 15 before we set out. The run was ok and by ok I mean, my legs felt like lead pipes and my butt was so frozen I was pretty sure it had fallen off and at one point as we were running into the wind I couldn't feel my face. I must have apologized to Daneille 101 times for my slow pace. I keep telling her I am rocking my runs and kicking butt and then we run together and I suck. Haha. Luckily shes a great friend and said "We can't always have a good run". Ahhhhh....true friendship right there. It felt really nice to get out there and log the miles, despite the pace. 10 miles is better then 0 miles, correct? While on our run she assured me that "I don't think it's ever been this cold for the mid winter classic". Thanks, cause I was seriously thinking of bailing on it. Who signs up for a 10 mile race in February in Maine? Oh wait, me. Oy!

Danielle and I post 10 miler in our stylin' MDI Marathon jackets!

So thank you winter for punching me in the face. Can we make up and be friends now? I really didn't mind the 50 degree temps.

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