Sunday, March 13, 2011

ugh! major pain...

I mentioned that last week my running was pretty much non existent due to my back pain.'s still there. ugh! I was going to call the doc this week but hoped  prayed to every God out there that it would go away in time. Here I am, 9 days after hurting my back still unable to pick up my son without it hurting, I can't bend over, sitting up hurts like hell, and rolling over in bed takes about 2 minutes to do. Yea, that whole "going away" thing is not working. Looks like I'll be making a call to the docs next week.

I didn't want to let another week go by without logging any miles. I took it easy this week so that I didn't injure my back anymore then I already had...although, I'm not exactly sure what my injury is. I was pleasantly surprised that my back feels it's best when I am running, phew! I did a few speed workouts on the treadmill and remembered why I don't like doing speed workouts inside. When I push myself running, I'm known to toss my cookies. Mmmm, such an awesome time. As I was pushing myself on the treadmill I started to feel that awesome ohmygodithinkimgoingtopuke feeling in my throat. I started looking around for the closest place to throw up. There was a trash can not far from me...however, it had a top on it, not making it puke friendly. I was lucky enough to finish my workout and kept all fluids down!:-)

This weekend I went out for 2 runs. Saturday was a 4 mile run while pushing T in the stroller. Ruddley and I went out for the run together and took turns with the stroller. Oh boy that's hard! Today I went out on my own for a 6 mile run. Both days it took me a mile or so to get my back to loosen up and agree with my run. Today I stopped around mile 4 to stretch and as soon as I stopped my back tightened up and said "sorry sarah, no more running for you today!". I walked it out for a little bit and then finished up my run.I took things easy this week and didn't push things too hard, I was pleased with the fact that I felt pretty good. Looking forward to seeing what week 3 training brings.

In other news, my Syracuse boys are ranked 3rd in the East Region! I loooooove, looooooove, looooooove March Madness. I wish I had 2 weeks off from work to camp out on the couch and watch all the games. Sigh, I'm a big working girl now and that won't be happening anytime soon.

And finally, the cupcake marathon starts tomorrow! Some seriously awesome prizes available, guessed it....CUPCAKES!! yum.

dear back,
please don't let me down during the cupcake marathon.
love, sarah

have a great week! go 'cuse!

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