Sunday, February 6, 2011

dirty little freaks

today i got an email with my pineland 25k training schedule in it...ahhh yes, thank you jamie! this only means 1 thing. it's time to get serious about my running. i haven't been running as often as i would like (read: super slacker). i have a million and one excuses for that but if i want to enjoy my spring/summer races and not feel like death while running them, i need to kick it up a notch.

while i am super excited for pineland (my longest distance so far is a half) i am even more excited for reach the beach. it took a while, but we danielle was able to nail down a 12 person, all womens team for the 1st ever spring reach the beach! the group is made up of 12 women who run sometimes and always have a good time! after finally getting a team put together our next job was coming up with a name. on one of my many drives home from my parents house a few weeks ago i heard ke$ha's song, we r who we r and felt that the name "hot and dangerous" fit our team perfectly....until danielle came back with the name dirty little freaks from pink's raise your glass. Ahhhhh yes...even more perfect. so dirty little freaks it is! ashley says no other team name has fit her better:-).

danielle quickly came up with his design for our team shirts:


(you can now be jealous of us!). we have split our vans and our legs. i am going to be kicking off the race with leg #1. i had hoped to either start the race or finnish it so i'm pretty pumped.

im really not sure what to expect spending a full 24+ hours with 12 crazy and amazing women. i've heard the middle of the night tends to be more like a flashback to middle school sleepovers. elizabeth mentioned something about jello shots and there was rumor about some beer somewhere along the way. may 20th can't come fast enough!!

do you have any good relay stories??

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