Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Me? Versatile?

This just about made my week!! I was given the versatile blog away by not one, but two people! Yup...pretty sweet huh!? Lindsey and Danielle both loved my blog so much they blessed me with this award (or they ran out of people to give it to and I ended up being the lucky runner up. I'll go with my first idea though)

So here are the rules of this lovely award (because they can't just give it to me. I actually have to do something!)

*Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award
*Share 7 things about yourself
*Pass the award along to others who you think are fabulous

Here goes.
Lindsey...thank you for always making me laugh, your great mommy advice and for being the best twitter friend i've never met. thank you for this award. and we will meet on amazing race someday:-)
Danielle...thank you for always being there for me, being a hardcore runner and awesome coach who lets me eat french fries. thank you for this award and i can't wait to run for real with you again soon

*as mentioned above, i love french fries and won't let anything get in the way of my consumption of them
*i love hoodies....a lot. i have over 20 of them. if you want to send me a present, you can't go wrong with a hoodie.
*since having a baby i'm getting better at typing one handed:)
*until a year and a half ago i hated all things to do with running. that's why i was a goalkeeper in soccer...so i didn't have to run
*i once drove from maine to nyc and back on my one day off from work--we even had time to catch a broadway show
*i love to sing in the car...and i always feel bad for the person next to me at a stop light
*my goal is to see a game at all 30 major league baseball parks with ruddley. So far we've knocked 5 off the list, 2 more this planned for next summer. kansas city royals and colorado rockies

now for the blogs i love to read...

(even though danielle gave her this award too. i still love her blog)


  1. I am totally the HOODIE QUEEN! I should count mine tonight. I could probably give you a run for your money. ;) Thanks again for the award. I've been neglecting blogging about it. bad blogger jeri. :)

  2. I think it's totally rad that you want to see a game at all 30 MLB parks! When you come to CO to see the Rockies, we should totally meet up! Thanks for the award, I'm flattered! I guess being injured means I get to blog about random things, which makes me versatile :P You rock!


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