Monday, May 10, 2010

Train 4 Autism: Maine Chapter

So I'm on my way to making Sam keep his promise...although this might be the easiest of the things I have to do. I've been in contact in Train 4 Autism and I'm on my way to starting a Maine chapter. Or...I might have already started it...haha. I have a
facebook page for it if that counts for anything:-) Other than that, I haven't done too much.

Molly is sending me out my very own business cards (I'm really moving up in the world now!), flyers and some other T4A things that I can use for the booth and promotions etc... Now...I just need to get my hands on a hoodie and I'll be all set. If you don't know, I have a slight addiction to hoodies. I have somewhere around 20ish waiting for me to get done being pregnant so I can fit into them again!

I've contacted Autism Society of Maine to see if they would be interested in working together at some point or letting us have a booth space at one of their events...or anything!:-) I've got some other people that I need to contact in hopes that we can get booth space at an expo or race this summer/fall. If you are reading this and are in charge of that kind of thing...we will volunteer or whatever you would like in exchange for a booth! K? Thanks!

Anyway, I don't have too much to say about this yet, I'm sure that over the next bunch of weeks things will start to fall into place and I'll keep you posted!

I have one cute little story to share before I crash for the night (I know, it's only 8:30pm...but I'm pregnant and tired and so I'm going to bed!:-) )....

I called my mom yesterday to wish her a happy mothers day and she told me a wicked cute story about Zach. She said he got up somewhere around 1am Sunday morning and wrote out "clues" and hid them around the house so that in the morning my mom could have a scavenger hunt and at the end of the hunt was her mothers day breakfast. Seriously? Too cute. My sister made Zach a scavenger hunt for his easter egg basket this year, so I think that's where he got the idea. I'm pretty sure he didn't plan to wake up and do this, but instead woke up at 1am and at that point decided he would write out these clues and hide them. Apparently my dad woke up while he was hiding the clues and had to help him get back to bed. My mom loved it though, this is really the first time Zach has put thought in to doing something for someone else. This was all his idea. I really wish I could read his mind...I can't imagine the things that go on in there.

Here is one of his clues. Like I said, he doesn't write much except his name at age 12. Mom says she's still finding his clues hidden around the house! I called him this morning before he went to school to ask if he did anything for mothers day. Here is how our conversation went.

Me: Hey buddy, did you do anything for mothers day?
Zach: Yes
Me: What did you do?
Zach: I made clues
Me: For what?
Zach: For breakfast
Me: Wow! That's awesome
Zach: Ok bye, I love you.

He's not much for talking on the phone:-)

So with that. I hope you all have a great week! I'll be back with more T4A news soon!:-)

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  1. Sarah, that story is amazing! Your brother sounds like a great guy, and I'm excited to help you support him through Train 4 Autism. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. Train 4 Autism hoodies are available here:


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